It’s a great Islamic environment, well organized and educational.
— Samira
My child learned a lot and the preschool has great environment.
— Urooba
My son attended Al-Amal. I decided to put him in preschool to prepare him socially and I achieved that goal and more. By the end of the preschool year he had a best friend, he was reading and writing English and Arabic, memorized surahs from the quran, shared stories of the prophets with me and even learned a lot of duaas that we use in our daily lives! !! It was the perfect program because it prepared him for ECS in CIS. I was very happy with the environment and the staff was very friendly and worked very hard to give my son the best experience in his preschool year. Ever since then I have and still recommend this facility to all parents interested in enrolling their child in preschool. May Allah swt reward you the highest level of jannah for all your hard work and effort to educate our children on the path of Islam
— Abir
Both my daughters attended and I’m very happy with everything they learned in English, arabic and Islam. Thank you to all the teachers. And I can’t wait for my 3rd one to go there.
— Susu
The school prepares children for the next level which is KG. The standard is higher compared to other preschools as far as where the educational emphasis is on. The bonus is the Arabic alphabet recognition and Islamic values practiced at this stage making it a part of their daily routine.
— Zaneb
My son and daughter both attended the al-Amal preschool I am more than happy. Learning environment of school contributes towards the development of the child. My third one is going to attend the school this year.
— Nida
Truly one of the greatest gifts to give your child is giving them the best education. Al-Amal surpasses the educational standard a child can obtain and provides them with a fun, loving and nurturing Islamic experience. Both my sons have attended Al-Amal and as parents we are truly blessed that our daughter is attending this year. The staff is exceptional and go above and beyond to give our children the best learning experience. May Allah reward you for your hard work, commitment and the dedication you provide to all those families that have the privilege to be a part of your learning world.
— Alia Al-Yafi
Teachers are nice and helpful. There is an excellent communication between the teachers and myself. I always get informed on my children’s progress.
— Fatme
Al-Amal Pre-School sets the stage for a strong Islamic identity in a nurturing, emergent, hands-on classroom. My son attended and he was immersed in the richness of Islamic values and traditions, while exploring new concepts and experiences to move their development towards kindergarten readiness and beyond. The staff are amazing, they strive to build a nurturing attachment with the children, so that each child feels valued and loved. Once my baby is of age to attend, Inshallah he will be registered at the Al-Amal Pre-School. May Allah reward the staff for all their hard work, efforts and for every single word taught to our children. Jazakallahu Khairan :)
— Yasmine
Both my sons attended and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a great way to start their education and give them their basic knowledge in Arabic and Islam. We as parents appreciate all the hard work that goes into our children.
— Laila